Do-it-yourself hair straightening system

Stays straight longer


The vitality and appearance of hair depends on its moisture content and the strength of its keratin fibers.

Our Keratin QMax technology targets the sections of the hair where moisture levels are low and the levels of keratin proteins are depleted.

Due to the low molecular weight of the Keratin QMax system, X-Liso is able to penetrate deeply into the hair cuticle, treating damaged hair from the inside out.

This helps to strengthen hair’s internal structure and leaves hair a natural smooth.

The end result is silky straight hair that is full of bounce and shine.


Source of omegas
Omega 3 and 6, linoleic acid rich in vitamin F.

Oil extracts from Brazilian Nuts are a key active ingredient in X-Liso. Native to the Amazon region, the nuts are rich in omega 3 and 6, linoleic acid, and vitamin F. Their oil forms a protective film against external aggressions and promotes natural hydration. It also provides greater strength to each individual hair strand, provides phyto-nutrients to help repair damaged cuticles and reinforces weakened, fragile hair.

X-LISO - Allow yourself!

Brazilian Keratin + Total Repair System - Two treatments in a single kit

0% formaldehyde 0% Harmful chemicals
Professional quality

Phase 1 – Moisturizing Shampoo
Phase 2 - Keratin QMax Hair Realignment
Phase 3 - Total Repair System

All the products are
formulated using
green alternatives,
respecting the environment

X-Liso Home Care Line

The X-Liso Home Care Line was specially formulated to combat frizz, reduce volume and prolong the straightening results with natural ingredients. Made with the perfect blend of rich Brazilian Nuts and Brazilian Keratin proteins, this nutritive line will keep the hair healthier and smoother.

How to use

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