11 tips to get most out of your X-Liso Treatment

  • 1 • During the day, avoid running your hand through your hair. This movement helps promote buildup of dust and oil in the hair.

  • 2 • Cool trick for an easy do: after washing and drying your hair, twist it’s entire length into a bun and let it sit for a few hours. When you’re ready to go out for the night, simply untwist and you’ll have beautiful, well-defined curls without breaking it.

  • 3 • Use the cold air jet function on your blow dryer to reduce the levels of static electricity in your hair.

  • 4 • Try this tip out to give your treatment an even longer life. Once a week, apply the Nutritive Masque together with a few drops of hair oil. Cover with aluminum foil and let it sit for 20 minutes. Simple, yet effective!

  • 5 • If you have oily hair, avoid excessive blow drying. Hot air stimulates the sebaceous glands (responsible for producing hair’s natural oils), potentially causing dandruff.

  • 6 • The ends are the most sensible and damaged part of the hair. Be careful with them while using the flat iron.

  • 7 • To have an even straighter effect, blow dry the hair in a warm temperature, using a brush or your fingers to help.

  • 8 • The correct maintenance at home makes all difference at the straightening results! Choose the X-Liso Nutritive maintenance line: created with the same technology and natural actives from the straightening, it guarantees a hair correctly treated and straight for longer.

  • 9 • Don’t forget to apply the Nutritive Leave-in before going out. It protects the hair from environmental damage, helping prolong the X-Liso straightening.

  • 10 • The right brush makes all difference! The paddle types are less harmful to the hair and keep its movement.

  • 11 • Washing the hair everyday can affect the durability of your perfect straight! Try washing up to three times a week using the X-liso Nutritive Shampoo that removes all hair impurities without affecting the results of X-Liso straightening, keeping the strands clean and hydrated.