FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is X-liso?

    X-liso is a do-it-yourself, Brazilian keratin straightening. This type of restructures, strengthens, hydrates, protects and makes the hair shiny for up to 3 months.straightening is a keratin-based treatment that also smooths.

  • What result is obtained after having X-liso treatment?

    Straight, smooth and shiny hair for up to 3 months. Healthy and a natural, straight look. As it is a progressive smoothing treatment, with each application, the hair becomes straighter. The variation in straightening will depend on the type of hair and the maintenance line used at home.

  • Does X-liso work for all hair types?

    Yes. X-liso is effective on all hair types.

  • What is the application time for X-liso straightening?

    The application lasts between 2 - 3 hours depending on your length, hair thickness and the curl degree.

  • When can I wash my hair after I have done the X-liso Straightening?

    During the process the hair will be rinsed at the end. You can wash your hair again one day after the application or anytime after this.

  • Can X-liso change hair tone?

    There can be a variation up to one tone. The change in tone may occur when applying the hair straightener with very high temperature. It is important to follow the temperature indications according to the type of hair:

    • Fragile, Bleached, Blond or White hair 180 – 200 ºC
    • Other hair types 220 – 240ºC

  • How long should I wait to do bleaching procedures?

    The ideal is to do the bleaching a minimum of 15 days before the X-liso. It is necessary to do a wick test before applying the straightening treatment to prove the health of the hair.

  • And how long should I wait to do the coloring?

    The ideal is to color 72 hours after the X-liso is applied. If there is the change in tone during straightening, the color can be applied the same day with semi-permanent color without ammonia to keep the desired tone.

  • Can we do X-liso after a relaxing?

    Yes! X-liso is compatible.

  • Can X-liso be applied to chemically treated hair?

    X-liso is compatible with most chemicals on the market, such as coloring, discoloration, guanidine, thioglycolate, lithium and sodium. However, it is advised not to apply with more harmful chemicals, such as henna and henna. Remember that it is essential to do the wick test before the straightening.